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Crisis Management 101


A few nights ago I was watching a Joel Osteen sermon online where he talked about facing life’s challenges. In his message, he talked about how what we focus on, magnifies. He suggests that when you face a challenge, it serves you better to focus on the good in your life and the good coming in your … [Continue Reading]

What do you REALLY want?


As I am writing this… I am in heaven… AKA sitting on the couch with my laptop, eating sunflower seeds with my furbabies along with some foster kittens purring by my side. Yeah, this is my heaven… No plans, full belly, and my kids. Over the past two weeks, I have made an intention to do less. I have … [Continue Reading]

An invitation to lose control


About a year ago I wrote this blog (it was my 2nd blog ever!)… The Best Breakup/Life/Business/Success Advice Ever! Little did I know THE BEST advice ever would come back to me when I needed it once again. For the past couple of months, I have been exhausted… Physically, emotionally, and … [Continue Reading]

Do your words give you life


The Power of the Reframe! A lot of the industry leaders in personal development talk a lot about the tremendous impact that having an awareness of your thoughts can have in your life. I have also talked about this in my blogs several times as well. Over the past several weeks, I have noticed the … [Continue Reading]