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About Deah

Wanna be successful?

Great, we have one thing in common!

Hi! I’m Deah Robinson, while working as a counselor, I’ve watched clients struggle through tough times because they couldn’t figure out how to achieve their goals and reach the pinnacle of their success vision. They all had an insatiable desire to make things happen but for some reason, success seemed to elude them.

My mission is to help you to live the life that you were meant to live by arming you with effective tools to take control of your situation and overcome anything standing in the way of living and manifesting an extraordinary life!

I’m committed to your success!

When I initially began my PhD program in psychology I was fascinated by the research on goal attainment and how people perceive and interpret key events in their lives. I read hundreds of articles and books on topics like high performance, motivation, goal setting, and factors that make people successful. The more I researched the more I thought to myself, “This is AH-MAZING!! Do people know about this?” So I went to find out…


I started leading workshops and the response was astounding! People were amazed to discover that simply shifting their mindset and implementing small changes in their lives moved them into action and changed everything. EVERYTHING!! My clients, students, colleagues, and even friends started experiencing transformational changes and successes where they had struggled before. I was inspired!

I want YOU to have a mindset of success so that you can step into your greatness.

So how can you start to live an extraordinary life?

Well, you’ve already completed the first step by visiting my website! Now, you should subscribe to my newsletter. You’ll receive a weekly dose of mindset principles as well as tons of helpful tips on manifesting your ultimate goals.

On my blog you’ll find amazing–OMG-I-can’t believe-it’s-free information that I have discovered through research and personal experiences over the years. You’ll also have FREE access to interviews with successful people I like to call “Mindset Masters”.

And, of course we can always work together. I would love to speak at your business, school, or conference or work one-on-one with you through private mentoring and group coaching sessions.

I am happy to have you here as a part of the Mindset Movement community. Get plugged in and active on the website and let us know how we can help you to start living an engaged and meaningful life!

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Deah Robinson is a Mindset Specialist who believes that every woman can break through the ceiling of success. With over 8 years of experience helping people achieve an extraordinary life, she brings her research background and success expertise in mindset, motivation, and achievement to work with highly motivated and successful women.

Deah’s journey began as a counselor and psychology instructor where she noticed patterns in how her clients and students achieved their goals. These patterns led her to pursue her doctoral degree where she developed expertise in motivation, goal attainment, and factors that influence success—factors and research that she brings to serve her clients as they strive toward every endeavor!

Deah believes that mindset, motivation, and success can be integrated and applied to all areas of life. She brings this belief to every workshop on motivation and success that she leads, a belief that has resulted in significant results for her workshop participants. After numerous workshops with successful results, she experienced an increased demand for her services, leading her to start her personal coaching and consulting firm to reach out to more individuals.

At Deah Robinson International LLC, Deah has combined her professional experiences with research to educate women across the world about transformational effects of mindset. Deah works with women who are looking to reach the next level of success in business and in life. By facilitating groups, speaking engagements, and one-on-one sessions, Deah’s clients easily manifest the lives of their dreams.