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I started working with Deah during what I call my “business life crisis”. I knew I wanted to create something extraordinary and make a lot of money but I just couldn’t “see” how it would happen within my current business. I was freaking out because “they” all say you have to “see it and believe it” for it to happen and my vision button was clearly broken.cara

In addition to my vision button being broken, I was driving myself crazy because I wasn’t: waking up at 5 to meditate; drinking green juice and practicing yoga, doing 8 hours of rockstar biz productivity that earned me $5,000 a day, making an organic home cooked meal that my kiddos love, having intensely deep conversations with my hubby that proves we truly are soul mates, and keeping a perfectly clean house, all while reciting my affirmations and visualizing my success. I have always been an achiever so I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and why I was the only person who couldn’t get all of this done everyday.

All of that worrying was seriously blocking any business success that was trying to come my way. Through my work with Deah, I realized there is actually nothing wrong with me. The only thing wrong was that I kept listening to this voice in my head that kept telling me what I “should” be doing based on all of these success rules I thought other people were following. Listening to that voice was exhausting.

When Deah was first recommended to me, I knew it would probably be helpful to talk to her but I didn’t know what I would say and I didn’t know if I really wanted someone else to know what was going on in my head. It’s hard to admit you have “stuff”. It’s especially hard to admit it when you are seen by others as bright, positive, and historically achievements have come easily to you. Opening up about your fears and flaws can make you feel like a fraud. Deah gets it. She honors yours fears and then gently reflects the real you. She helps you see each natural talent that has brought you to where you are today and how you can use them to propel yourself forward. She shows you the way to get out of your head and get into action.

And beyond the touchy-feely stuff, Deah helped me in the real-world business sense. Since working with her, I let go of the business where I couldn’t see myself succeeding (my vision button wasn’t broken, I was just trying to see something my heart didn’t want before) and confidently started a new business I LOVE! With Deah’s support in my new business, my income has doubled each month, I earned a significant promotion, and I grew my team 3x. Apparently dealing with your “stuff” helps you achieve “stuff”.

I am still a work in progress and for the first time, it feels like a relief to say that. I don’t have to be perfect. I am enough and every day I get a little better (or maybe, “enough-er”). I am more present and forgiving with myself, my kids, my husband, and my business now. Thank you, Deah for teaching me so much and for being so much FUN to talk you. You truly spoiled me through every stage of this process.

Now, it’s your turn. Hire Deah and watch your biz and life jump to the level where your cheeks hurt from smiling so much.”

-Cara Citrowske

Deah, I appreciate the investment you have made into my life! Working with you, I received personalized attention, and it didn’t feel like I was burdening you with my questions or challenges. tusdayYou are very personable, professional, enthusiastic, and optimistic. You are a great person to bounce ideas off of, and you are helpful in outlining solutions. Since working with you, I am very clear on the directions I could take in my life. There’s not just one option, but I am clear on what the options are, and I’ve been able to narrow them down. I made the decision to return to school to pursue a graduate certificate, applied, was accepted, and will begin this fall! I would recommend your services to anyone who is motivated and has a desire to do more and be more than they currently are… The program is worth it. They are worth it. You are worth it. Trust the process.”

-Tusday Dudley
Kansas City, MO

A year-and-a-half ago, I attended a workshop with Deah about motivation, where she went over steps to set and achieve a goal. Deah’s energy and strong knowledge base drew participants into the session, and everyone who attended left with a clear goal and tools to complete the goal. caseyIn my case, I left with the goal of applying for a PhD program, and after sharing this goal with other participants, I felt ready enough to finally take the steps necessary to start the process–and I did! Not only have I been taking classes toward my PhD for the last year, but I have published an article and figured out what I will do for my dissertation. Thank you for inspiring and motivating me to pursue one of my dreams. I would highly recommend her to others who are needing that extra push to get and keep themselves motivated to achieve their biggest, scariest, toughest dream and endeavors. Deah’s coaching helps people find their path and stay on it–no matter what!”

-Casey Reid
Kansas City, MO

In the course of working with amazing business owners, I sometimes discover someone who offers a product or service that I believe can benefit entrepreneurs as they build their empire. kendrickUsually these areas of focus are ones that are outside of my comfort zone as an expert, but are areas that I still believe are crucial to your success.

Deah Robinson, gave a free call for my community, and she helps women with developing a growth mindset of success in business. I’ve seen far too many business owners with amazing things to offer the world get road blocked or even miss out on their dream because of mindset issues. Even I almost gave up on my business dream because of mindset issues. Believe me, dealing with your thoughts and securing your goals with hope is a powerful process that leads to more money in the bank and you doing more of what you love.”

-Kendrick Shope, Sales Coach – Creator of Authentic Selling

Sometimes business feels like an emotional obstacle course that never ends. Because, well, it is!

victoriaTalking to Deah with her oh-so-smart, psychology-savvy brain and her ginormous heart always leaves me energized, clear, and ready to tackle the world. She’s a natural coach, making me feel seen and heard. So rare in today’s world.

We all have ups and downs in business, but with Deah’s help, it’s easy to keep your eyes on the prize, as you create your own success.”

-Victoria Prozan, Business Storyteller

Deah is one of the most compassionate, intelligent and insightful women I know. She is able to listen to what’s being said below the surfacediana to help you identify what your core issue is. She’s part tell-it-like-it-is coach, part here’s-what-I-recommend professor and all heart. You will love her!”

-Diana Dorell, Intuitive Relationship Coach and Spiritual Teacher