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Deah has developed a reputation for being an engaging and dynamic speaker, but her speeches don’t fall short of being entertaining.

By exploring topics such as mindset, success, motivation, and goal attainment, your audience will leave your event inspired and equipped with actionable steps to create substantial shifts in their lives.

Each personally crafted session provides a blend of researched-based strategies, spiritually based practices, and calls to action.

Deah would love to design a custom speech catered to the specific needs of your audience or conference theme. Listed below are examples of previous speaking topics and themes.

From Rags to Riches – The Mindset Way 

Many people believe that successful people possess superior intelligence, skill, and talent. But in fact, they don’t. Most successful people think differently about themselves and their life events. Deah explains how your mindset can be your biggest adversary or ally in your journey to success.

The Myth of Motivation

In this keynote/workshop, Deah demystifies motivation. What is motivation, really? How do you get more of it when you need it? What should you do when you don’t have any? And most importantly, the real role motivation plays in success.

Motivation: The Key to Living the Life You Deserve

In this popular and most requested keynote/workshop, Deah provides participants with her top 10 secrets to success. At the end of the session, participants leave with an actionable achievement plan along with ways to handle setbacks. This presentation is the next best thing to working with Deah one-on-one!

The Real Secret Behind Manifestation

Made hugely popular by the movie and the book The Secret, manifestation is the most misunderstood and misused spiritual tool. In this session, Deah exposes the truth about manifestation and reveals the most important foundations to make this powerful spiritual practice work for you!

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